Sennheiser room microphone
– with TruVoicelift

Be heard in the room, everywhere.

What is TruVoicelift?

Unlike other brands, Sennheiser believes that there is more to voicelift than just another application on a long list. Our activatable and configurable algorithm behind TruVoicelift, in combination with the most flexible beamforming and advanced zone control, make TeamConnect Ceiling 2 the most powerful beamforming microphone on the market. The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 represents the best audio solution both as a conference or video conference microphone as well as a room microphone for classrooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, meetings and more.

How the TruVoicelift technology works
Explanation of how the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 room microphone with new TruVoicelift technology works in different rooms and scenarios.

Features of the TCC2 room microphone


TruVoicelift allows the customer to significantly increase speech amplification on-site in a meeting or conference room and provides the speaker with the opportunity to be heard loudly and clearly even in the back of a room – similar to a stage microphone.

Advanced exclusion zones

With 5 advanced exclusion zones, the customer has 100% flexibility and can precisely define the position of noise sources to be ignored by the beam tracking (vertically and horizontally) in a new, visually powerful 3D optic via Sennheiser Control Cockpit. This makes it possible to use the room microphone without background noise and thus additionally improve the audio quality.

Priority zone

100% control by setting a particular area of a room as priority zone so that whenever someone in this zone is talking, they are given priority over any others that are talking in the room.

How does beamforming technology work?

As a room microphone for an on-site conference, a video conference or a meeting, the TruVoicelift beamforming technology enables perfect speech intelligibility and acoustics in medium-sized and large rooms. Whether you want to use the voice amplification in the entire room or only in a certain area - thanks to the flexible beamforming, speakers can move around freely without having to carry a microphone. This enables uncomplicated and quick switches between speakers and offers the freedom to use a room acoustically for different scenarios, for example as a meeting room, lecture hall or for a video conference. Thanks to the possibility of defining restricted zones, disturbing background noises, for example from devices, can simply be masked out, which increases speech intelligibility. All functions can be conveniently controlled at any time with the supplied Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

Overview: Options for using TruVoicelift with beamforming

  • Wide-angle room microphone for a conference
  • Room microphone with digital connection for video conferences
  • Room microphone for agile meetings with plenty of freedom of movement
  • Room microphone for lectures and presentations

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