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Sennheiser Star Rating

4.1 (17) Reviews

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Luxurious leather in the headband and earcups makes these headphones look almost as good as they sound. A separate cable with a smart remote and microphone provides call and control functions. A hard case is included.
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The MOMENTUM headphones makes the famous Sennheiser sound quality tangible. It is reflected in the material selection of these refined headphones – the use of supple, breathable leather for the headband and earcups, displays our commitment to style. Reflecting its technical excellence is the use of high-performance neodymium magnets for extraordinarily rich and detailed stereo sound. Also, the circumaural capsules ensures perfect listening enjoyment without ambient noise.
For excellent connectivity, the headphones are fitted with a 3.5 mm stereo jack and with nominal impedance reduced for mobile players. An additional cable with an integrated smart remote and microphone is included for easy management of tracks and calls.

  • Closed design – Closed circumaural headphone design isolate against ambient noise

  • Ease of use – Integrated smart remote with in-line microphone for ease of use

  • Finely selected materials – Luxurious and tough breathable leather headband for optimum sweat and water resistance

  • Premium comfort – Soft and supple finest leather earpads for excellent wearing comfort

  • Maximum durability – Metal-constructed earcup slider for maximum durability and custom fit

  • Convenience at its best – Hard carrying case for maximum portability

  • 2 year warranty


Sennheiser Star Rating

4.1 (17) Reviews

70.6% of Reviewers Would Recommend this product to a friend

  • Blair
    West Dunbartonshire

    Sennheiser Star Rating


    Amazing, got them for my sound!!!!!!but I will say, the price is steep


    Durable, Compact, Lightweight, Good Bass, Stylish, Great Sound, Comfortable


    Poor Value


    Relaxing, Music


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Music Appreciator
    Ontario, Canada

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    Simply Phenomenal!

    Though costly, these headphones tick all the right boxes. Not only do they have phenomenal sound quality, the best, but do an excellent job at reducing outside noise passively without requiring batteries, no sound leakage for those around you, clever and very comfortable design for long term use, very durable, cord which detaches so if you ever ruined your cord you can replace it without needing to replace the entire headphones. Includes separate cord for iphones, though doesn't work with androids... who cares! Are you really spending that much money on headphones to use for talking on the phone with 32bit quality!?!? NO! They can't possibly be complemented on being excellent headphones and then given only 3 stars for that! You use them for every single other use, as they work excellent with home theatres, listening to albums, movies, video games (they completely change and enhance the way a game feels, insane!), and at work.


    Durable, Great Passive Noise Reduc, Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight, Great Sound




    Relaxing, Traveling, Music, Home Audio, With My Computer, Working


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Guitar, bass, piano & drum playin' Dane
    Southern Denmark

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    All you can ask for

    These headphones gives you all you can ask for. They deliver great sound quality regardless of wether you're listening to pop, rap, rock or country. They don't have a super intense base or anything like that, that blows you away when you first put them on, but this is also one of the reasons why they work for all genres. The thing that impresses me about the sound is how you hear every single detail of the song. When i first started using them i discovered things like background choirs on songs that i had listen to many times before. They deliver beautiful sound and if you want you can use EQ and they will also give you a great solid base. The noise cancelation is (even though it's only passive and not active) very good. The headband is made out of a single aluminum frame and therefor they can not be folded up to take up less space, because of that the carrying case is IMO a bit too large for a headphone that is meant to be taken on the go. The aluminum construction does however give a great high quality feel and so does the leather, is is very soft and the headphones are very light and all this makes them very comfortable to wear. I use these headphones all the time when i walk my dog, when i travel or go on long journeys and they always fulfill my needs and live up to my expectations. The only concern i've had was when i first bought them, because i've never spend so much money on a pair of headphones before, but now i have had them for about 5 months and i do not at all retreat buying them, the premium fell and comfort and the great sound quality means that you can use them for hours without getting tired.


    Stylish, Durable, Great Sound, Lightweight, Comfortable


    Big, Large Carrying Case


    Traveling, Portable Devices, Relaxing, Music


    I would recommend this to a friend.

What's in the Box
  • MOMENTUM headphones
  • Carrying case
  • 6.3 mm adaptor plug
  • Cable with smart remote
  • Standard connection cable
  • Manuals

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  • What do I do if the headband of my headphones is too loose?

    Headphones are designed to fit the widest percentage of the general population however every person is different and some wearers may feel the headband of the headphones is initially too loose.

    A common trick to make the headband of headphones tighter is to place the headphones over something (like a stack of books) that is slightly smaller than the headphones currently are and then wrap the headphones with a cord or elastic band to squeeze the headphones inwards to make them tighter. The purpose of the object between the headphones is to ensure that the headphones are not squeezed too tightly as you don't want the headband to crack. NOTE: The headphones may need to be left in this position for a day or two or the process may need to be repeated a few times until the desired headband tightness is reached.

  • What do I do if the headband of my headphones is too tight?

    Headphones are designed to fit the widest percentage of the general population however every person is different and some wearers may feel the headband of the headphones is initially too tight upon the head.

    While most headphones will break-in as they are used sometimes this process needs to be helped along and hence a common trick to stretch the headphones is to place the headphones on something (a stack of books, the arm of a couch, etc) to give a little stretch to the headband. When left there for a day or so the tension in the headphone will loosen up and will help to get a proper fit without any discomfort. It is important to remember though to go little by little because too much stretch in a short time could cause a break or crack in the headband if it is stretched too much.

  • What is Sennheiser's stance on "Burn In" Theory?

    At Sennheiser we do not have an official stance regarding the theory that headphones need a "burn in" period. Sennheiser headphones are designed to sound great from the first moment they are plugged in.

    Some argue that over period of time a user will become more accustomed to the particular headphones.  With this, they will start to notice more of the frequency response range and nuances that the headphones are capable of producing. This argument suggests that over time a user will develop a greater appreciation of the headphones and what they are capable of.

    For additional information regarding the theory of "burn in" there is plenty of discussion at (

  • What is the difference between "open" and "closed" ear cups on headphones?

    With Sennheiser headphones the audio will always be accurate and responsive and is sure to please no matter what situation you need it for.

    An open (sometimes referred to as "open aire" headphone is one that uses some external airspace to reproduce life-like audio within the ear-cup. Think of it as having premium speakers next to your ears that you can control the volume for with extreme precision. The trade-off is that at extreme volumes some sound will leak out. Some of our "open aire" models include the HD 800, HD 700, HD 650, HD 600, HD 598, HD 558 and HD 518.  

    A closed headphone isolates you from your environment and vice-versa (ie: the sound is contained within the headphones). This is perfect for critical listening or a situation where you do not want to disturb/be disturbed. Some of our "closed" models include the MOMENTUM, Urbanite XL, HD 380 PRO, HD 280 PRO, HD 449 and HD 439.

  • What should I do if I only get sound in one side of the headphones or have general sound quality issues?

    If the headphones have sound in only one ear or differing sound levels in each ear or the sound in general is not what you expected then it needs to be determined where the issue lies - with the headphones or with the audio source.

    NOTE: If your headphones feature a removable cable ensure that the cable is securely in place in the headphones. Many of the removable cables feature a twist to lock function and if the cable is not securely in place there will connectivity issues. In instances where there are two cables available (ie: a plain audio cable and an Apple compatible cable) try the alternate cable to ensure the issue is not cable specific. 

    The first thing to do is ensure that you have the audio plug of the headphones connected securely into the audio device. A properly connected cable should not wiggle. If the plug wiggles that could indicate a loose connection. NOTE: This could be a result of the cable not being plugged all the way in or it could be a faulty input or sometimes if the device you are connecting to has a case on it the case will prevent the cable plugging in correctly.

    The next thing to do is to check and make sure that there is no debris (ie: no dust or lint) in the headphone jack of the audio source that may be inhibiting connectivity and causing sound issues.

    The next thing to do is to check that the connecting jack is clean. If oils from the hands gets builds up on the plug or sweat evaporates on the plug the salts and grime may prevent proper contact from occurring. The connecting jacks can be cleaned using a basic alcohol wipe.

    The next thing to do is to try the headphones on a different audio source to check that it is not the original audio source (or a setting on the audio source) that is creating the issue. If you connect to an alternate audio source and the issue is not there then you know the headphones are fine and the original audio source is the issue. NOTE: Many modern audio devices have audio limit pre-set at the factory and these limit need to be changed to get the full audio signal out of the device and to the headphones.

    If it is determined that the headphones are the issue please contact Sennheiser directly for steps on how to proceed forward.


    Sennheiser models (like the Urbanite, MOMENTUM and certain ear buds) with a control and microphone integrated into the cable are often offered in two variants ... the "i" variant (for Apple devices) and the "g" variant (for Android devices). NOTE: The headphones (regardless of the variant) will plug into an audio device and provide audio and only the control and microphone functionality is affected by the device/variant.

    The "i" variant is wired specifically for Apple devices that are 3rd generation and later. The "i" variant will only have full microphone and control functionality when connected to Apple devices.

    The "g" variant is wired specifically for Android devices that utilize the Android wiring configuration that allows for control functionality. The "g" variant will only have full microphone and control functionality when connected to Android devices utilizing the control functionality wiring configuration.

    NOTE: For some Android models (particularly older Android models) that do not follow the control functionality wiring configuration then the functionality of the controls would be limited.

    Please check the device/model compatibility here: ( NOTE: If the model is not listed in this compatibility guide then functionality of the controls is likely to be limited.

  • Why do the speakers shut off when I connect my headphones to the headphone port?

    A connection to the headphone jack of any audio component (ie: TV, A/V receiver, computer, etc) will automatically disable the speakers.

    If you need the speakers active so others can be enjoying the same audio we recommend connecting your headphones to the audio outputs (ie: RCA outputs, digital optical audio output, digital coaxial audio out, etc) of the audio component rather than the headphone output.


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