Sennheiser shows TeamConnect Ceiling 2 at 2020 Microsoft Ignite Tour Sydney Conference

Sennheiser shows TeamConnect Ceiling 2 at 2020 Microsoft Ignite Tour Sydney Conference

Sydney, February 12, 2020 – Audio specialist Sennheiser will be showcasing its TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone at the Microsoft Ignite The Tour Sydney conference, which is taking place at the ICC Sydney between February 13 and 14. TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is certified by Microsoft as a solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms complete with a Microsoft-certified DSP.

The company will be showcasing the TCC 2 on the show floor offering live demos to  attendees so they can listen to the ceiling array microphone in action. TCC 2 ceiling mic, Sennheiser's flagship A/V conferencing solution, employs automatic adaptive beamforming technology, providing the speaker with unprecedented freedom to move about the room. Using 28 individual, omni-directional Sennheiser KE10 pre-polarized condenser microphone capsules, the system automatically focuses on the voice of the speaker in a meeting, regardless of where they are located. For integrators and AV professionals, it is easy to install and does not require any ongoing maintenance. Several TCC 2 ceiling microphones can be combined to serve large meeting rooms.

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The ceiling mic can be used together with existing analogue audio equipment as well as integrated into fully digital systems, where it can be controlled and monitored via the IP network. TeamConnect Ceiling 2 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), Sennheiser Control Cockpit, Dante Domain Manager and third-party control solutions such as the Crestron control platform.

“The show was absolutely phenomenal and we saw a lot of interest in our products,” said Inesh Patel, Sennheiser’s Channel Sales Manager - Pro Audio Solutions. “It was great to have such interest from the IT field and to be able to show them our BizCom offerings.”

“Doing live demos of TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is a must for us at shows. People are thrilled when they experience crystal-clear audio whilst retaining complete flexibility and freedom in the meeting room environment, without being chained down and restricted to a certain distance to the microphone or a set zone.”

Heather Reid Communications Manager Australia & New Zealand, Sennheiser Australia Pty Ltd
Lauren Benson Hausmann

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