Perfect sound for the most beautiful moments

Perfect sound for the most beautiful moments

Sydney, 5 November 2019 – If your passion is capturing beautiful moments, the holiday season presents a wealth of opportunities. As well as recording stunning visuals, to truly capture the magic, great sound is crucial. Why not surprise family and friends this Christmas with equipment that lets videos of these special times truly sparkle with excellent sound? From hobbyist to experienced professionals, Sennheiser’s microphone range provides the perfect gift for every filmmaker.


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What you see is what you hear

  • Two matched mini shotgun mics capture the audio you want, while rejecting sound outside the camera angle
  • Robust and compact all-metal construction
  • 3-level sensitivity adjustment and low-cut for perfectly levelled festive sound

MSRP: AU $599

  • Get the MZH 440 fur windshield at AU $89


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Heavenly sound without side effects

  • Thanks to its compact size and good side noise rejection, this mini-shotgun microphone is ideal for recording those festive moments
  • Perfectly levelled sound due to switchable sensitivity for long and short distances
  • Integral shock-mount for rejection of handling noise
  • Extremely robust with an all-metal housing

MSRP: AU $289

  • Get your MKE 400 the MZW 400 professional accessory kit for Christmas: With the included hairy windshield. MSRP: AU $63


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For demanding filmic challenges

  • Picks up sound from the direction the camera is pointing, thanks to its high directivity
  • Strong suppression of structure-borne noise; switchable low-cut filter to reduce wind noise
  • To enable you to tailor the shotgun mic to your camera, order the cable separately: get the KA 600 cable for DSLRs/DSLMs with mini-jack audio input, the KA 600i for smartphones with a mini-jack or a standard XLR cable for professional cameras
  • Your choice for outside recording in windy conditions: the MZH 600, a combined foam windshield and hairy cover

MSRPs: MKE 600: AU $499
KA 600 and KA 600i connecting cables: AU $29
MZH 600: AU $99


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Creating lasting memories

  • High-quality audio for your smartphone recordings
  • Memory Mic works with a dedicated app, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play
  • Simply clip the mic to the clothing, records audio at any distance from the smartphone
  • Automatically synchronizes the audio with your smartphone video

MRSP: AU $379 (MSRP)


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An instant connection

  • The ideal wireless audio partner for your DSLR or DSLM lets you capture speech with clarity
  • 2.4 GHz transmission for worldwide, license-free operation
  • Instantly ready for recording with one-touch ease of use – you won’t miss a single moment of your party with family and friends
  • Prefer to use this mic with your smartphone? A TRS to TRRS adapter will do the trick
  • Various sets provide the perfect equipment for the most common applications, for example the pictured XSW-D Portable Lavalier Set: AU $599 (MSRP)


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Full focus on festive pictures

  • Match to your camera once and enjoy perfectly levelled sound for all recordings, whether during silent nights or at loud parties
  • Ideal for DSLRs/DSLMs or professional cameras, operates license-free in the 1.9 GHz range
  • Never worry about interference again: AVX selects the best operating frequency automatically and inaudibly
  • Various sets let you choose between lavalier mic, handheld mic or both, from the AVX-ME2 SET at AU $1099 (MRSP) to the fully-fledged
    AVX-Combo SET at AU $1549 (MSRP)


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Heather Reid Communications Manager Australia & New Zealand, Sennheiser Australia Pty Ltd

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