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Tourguide 2020


Thanks to digital wireless transmission technology this tour-guide system offers short set-up times and absolute ease of use. It is the ideal choice for a variety of applications, e. g. visitor guidance, assistive listening, and interpreter applications.

Tourguide 1039


This system for visitor guidance, assistive listening, and interpreter applications is a real pro – and a versatile one. The broad receiving spectrum ensures high operational safety in any environment.

SL Interpreter


The SL Interpreter perfectly completes either the Tourguide 2020 or the Tourguide 1039 portfolio to create a compact, quick to install and easy to use interpretation setup for factory tours, exhibitions and conferences.

Choosing The Right Visitor Guidance System

  Tourguide 2020 Tourguide 1039
  Tourguide 2020 Tourguide 1039
Simultaneous Channel 6-8 Up to 32
License License free License required (local regulations)
Audio Digital, optimized for speech Analog, complete audio bandwidth
Operating Time 16 h 8 h
Charger Slots Max. 40 Max. 10
Headphones Stethoset with integrated headphones External headphones
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