Broadcast Headphones

When you’re in charge of the sound of a program you better make sure it comes across in the best quality possible. Sennheiser has the professional equipment you can rely on in any broadcast scenario.

Broadcasting quality - professional headphones and headsets for radio and TV productions.

If you want your audience to receive perfect sound you first of all have to make sure you’re broadcasting it. That’s why the quality of monitoring headphones has to be beyond doubt. Also, they should keep outside noise out. Headset microphones best concentrate on the voice and its intelligibility. On top of that, Sennheiser headphones are distinguished by intelligent features, intuitive operation, a sturdy design, and high wearing comfort.

Sennheiser offers a broad spectrum of headphones and headsets for radio and TV productions, fit for any working environment and application.

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Ear Coupling

In-Ear (Intraaural)
Over-Ear (Circumaural)
On-Ear (Supraaural)

Wearing Style

Double Sided
Single Sided


With microphone (headset)
Noise Cancelling (Microphone)
Flexible Boom
Acoustic Hearing Protection ActiveGard®
Foldable / Easy to store
  • Pure sound with a minimalistic design. The HD 25 LIGHT are an attractive and lower-cost alternative ...
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$ 179.00

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  • Extremely high resolution and distortion-free sound reproduction, even at maximum SPL. IE 500 PRO de...
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  • Noticeable punch, clear high frequencies and transparent mid-range reproduction. The mini 7mm driver...
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$ 649.00

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  • More features for your money

    The HMD 300 PRO supports professionals involved in broadcastin...
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  • Your ears require not only crystal-clear sound, but but also need protection. HD 300 PROtect adjusts...
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$ 429.00

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  • Dynamic in-ear monitors with precise sound at both low and high SPLs; for maximum control on loud st...
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$ 179.00

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